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Relive the Monday Night Wars. Covering WWF RAW and WCW Nitro every week from 20 years ago.

February 26, 2017

WTW ep 111: The Monday Night Wars

Nitro 76.  2-24-1997

After Superbrawl, the newest member of the NWO brings madness at the expense of DDP. The horseman welcome a new member. Dean Malenko expresses his change in attitude. Plus Jericho, Guerrero and many more in action.


Raw 198 2-24-1997

Back where it all began in the Manhattan center in NYC, RAW gets extreme as ECW invades. In response to the Kings challenge Paul E. Dangerously and his rogues offer up some hardcore action featuring, Taz , The Eliminators, and Tommy Dreamer. The Undertaker takes on Farooq in the main event, Ken Shamrock is introduced to the WWF Universe, plus much more.


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