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Relive the Monday Night Wars. Covering WWF RAW and WCW Nitro every week from 20 years ago.

May 7, 2017

WTW ep 120: The Monday Night Wars (5/5/1997)

Join Scotty Stevens and The 'Palone Star' Abel as they relive the Monday Night Wars!

WWF Monday Night RAW ep208 (5/5/1997)

The Hart Foundation's anti-American crusade continues to run rampant in WWF as they set their sights on taking out Shawn Michaels. With Stone Cold STeve Austin's shot at The Undertaker's WWF Championship at the upcoming In Your House only a few days away, the Rattlesnake must turn his attention to the British Bulldog as they go one-on-one in the main event.


WCW Monday Nitro ep86 (5/5/1997)

It's an all out war between WCW and NWO. The Giant chooses a mystery partner to take on Harlem Heat in tag team action. Two of WCW's toughest competitors face off when Lord Steven Regal takes on Meng. Rey Mysterio battles Syxx. Public Enemy faces Konnan and Hugh Morrus.


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